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Welcome to the website for The War Merchants, a story of a romance set against a backdrop of corporate greed on a global scale. I've been asked many times where and how I got the idea for The War Merchants. Simply put, from following the news. Much of what’s in the story is real.

President Eisenhower’s famous 1961 speech warned of the growing influence on society of the military-industrial complex. It appears he was prophetic. The Second Gulf War saw the acceleration of private interests, such as Blackwater and Halliburton, taking over roles that had been part of the military’s responsibilities. As crazy as it sounds, wars could be outsourced. I began to wonder: could there really be that much in profit in it to risk life and limb? Sadly, it appears the answer is yes.

Given mankind’s history, it appears this revenue stream is endless. This is nothing new, of course. In the American Civil War, the price of someone taking your place in the fighting was $300. But that was on an individual scale. What if the concept had grown so large entire industries could influence and manipulate world events? Just think of how the pace of technology has influenced human communications, for example. So what if wars could be planned so they benefited only a select few? And how could that be justified?

Cassidy Jevon and Michael Kranz are thrust into such a world where governments don’t matter, the people’s will doesn’t matter, only those who hold the power over them matter. Can two dedicated people who refuse to accept this world find a way to break the grip of a malevolent organization operating in the shadows and expose it?

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